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Thread: paging the guy that bought my eliminator

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    okay this sounds really wierd. but i need to get ahold of the guy that bought my eliminator a couple months ago. i lost all of my paperwork i had with his info. i cant even remember his name. i am not sure if he has a screen name on here, but i know that he and his friends lurk on here so hopefully someone will see this and get him in touch with me. he is the guy that crashed his old daytona 19 at the CBBB and tore off the whole right sponson. to get ahold of me he can either call me at 818-687-3689 or e-mail me at .......thanks in advance for the help, robert
    p.s. heres a pic of the boat i sold him.http://www.***

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    nice red x!

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    Squirtin Thunder

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    jet4fun is a fag

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    I will give him your phone number later today. By the way, it's been put together. Looks great and hauls ass! Budlight

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    Jeff is a fag too !! ............

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    Do you have those WPB's in production yet?

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    Jake W2
    Do tell Budlight?

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    anger management

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