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Thread: Need 460 motor for boat

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    Did you ever get that boat from CO???

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    Buddy of mine in the midwest here has a lot of spare 429/460 parts (block is same). Is replacing a blown up 460 (ruined block, crank, & pan). Has the orriginal with 6 good rods (& 7 pistons +0.30") another shortblock 460 (for some reason, also only 7 rods/pistons (unknown size)) with heads, and an old Hi-perf 429 he is mix/matching to make new solid 460. If interested, PM me & I'll hook ya up to him. I keep telling him to get his butt in here. LOL

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    i have one for sale and it comes with a hull and trailer for 4200.

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    where are ya at taxman??????????????????

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    I have 2. 1 runs great aside from the big hole and piston sticking through the oil pan, and the other I spun a bearing on my last outing. I'm swapping to a 454, so I'll let either, or both of them go pretty cheap. Let me know if you are looking for something to rebuild or not. Good luck...

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    Where're ya at, taxman, and what do you need? I just finished an engine for someone and might do another depending on specifics.

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    I have 2. 1= big hole and piston sticking through the oil pan. The other spun a bearing on my last outing. BRAPM'd ya on the cores, BRA. (man, Like I need more 460 stuff..... )

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    ya still need a 460?????

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    he won't answer marty.

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