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Thread: Questions On Some Service Work

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    Taking the boat in for some service work and I was wondering, do I need a new housing with a impeller change? Someone told me this and would like to confirm. Also is it a waste of money to go with synthetic oil in the outdrive, as this is not a high output application. I run it in the motor but never have put it in the drive. Also has anyone ever wet sanded the bottom of the boat, would I get anything out of it besides a sore arm. The combo is a 502/415/B1 with 150hrs. Thanks

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    Unless you've been pumping a bunch of sandy water or really overheated your motor, your housing should be OK. It is a plastic housing so it can wear. I run Mobil 1 in my motor but stick with Merc HiPo Quicksilver for the drive. Is the bottom of the boat scratched all up?

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    Bottoms fine, just heard it would loosen it up. Just don't know if its worth it.

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    I change my impeller every other year. Last spring I went ahead and changed the housing too, six years seemed like the end for it. The housing looked OK but the stainless end seal plates were getting worn.
    The kit with a new body, impeller, o-rings, bolts, etc. is Merc PN 46-807151A14, less than $100. Better than paddling back to shore.
    A B1 it is supposed to use the synthetic gear lube. Only a buck a quart more than regular.

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