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Thread: TPC Racing Billet 660 Center Squirter(s)

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    Here are the pics I promised a fellow ***boater I would post on his carb(s) build-up. These Center Squirters came out great. He bought two 660 Center Squirters converted over to 850 Billet baseplates with billet secondary metering plates.
    The secondary plates allow him to change jets but still maintain an inline configuration, 1850 style's stock length. There are also Braswell B-Series cut boosters installed to maximize the top-end potential of this conversion and improve the throttle-response which will improve fuel shear at a lower vacuum signal.
    Here are some pics of the build-up and components utilized:
    I start off with a polished and clearcoated 4224 mainbody.

    The secondarys consist of a billet metering plate that utilizes a modified float for clearance and is drilled/tapped to receive Holley/MAX jets.

    The baseplate is fitted and mapped to the 660's circuitry and capped to prevent any dirt contamination. Notice the deleted vacuum ports and secondary throttleshaft extensions. The throttle shafts are set up with welded ends, 1:1 ratio linkage, thinned shafts, and stainless hardware.

    One down another to go...

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    Very nice work, definitly a class act!!... wink wink

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    Ty, They look great cant wait to see them in person!

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    Nice photos! They look great.

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    Two thumbs up from the peanut gallery!

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    Looks like precision work. AOK. Kojac

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    Blown 472
    If you dont mind me asking?? are you putting those on a race boat or pleasure?? And why 660's why not buy a pair of the tunnel ram 750's that you can put inline?? Is it and inline issue?? I ran two 850's inline on my ford, took four 600cfm primay bowls, 1/8 npt tap in the tube hole, pluged it and ran them inline with metering blocks on both sides. btw nice work

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    Thank you RD. I am hoping to have something special lined up for OP6 on my Crusader. If I could just get a polisher that's up-to-speed with life!
    Froggy sent me some new recommendations that I'm meeting up with this coming week. I will be offering Anodization, Chrome, and full polish with translucent anodization as an option on all carbs new or rebuilt. I will post pics as special projects arise.
    I will take the Performance Fuel system industry to another level, even if it kills me!
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    Hey Ty
    Nice work they look great. I can't wait to see mine. Good work

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    Sweet job Ty... I would expect no less, but love the way those are turning out. I'm sure your client is going to be stoked!
    RE: 660's over 750 inlines... The center squirter design has four discharge squirters for the accelerator pumps, and throws a pile of fuel at the problem every time you give it gas. I understand this to be a double edges sword, but for a drag or high performance quick throttle application, the volume of fuel dumped in by the 50cc acc. pumps prevents the hesitation some carbs become subject to in a tunnel ram setup, where it has a pause between when the runner gets a vacuum signal and when the baseplate sees it. Once the primary and secondary systems take over from the idle circuit, you are flowing with any carb, but this will help holeshot and launch.
    I have seen this setup really successful in drag cars, especially the manual transmission variety where you let off and on as you shift, but have little experience with them in boats.
    The downside is an oil-firesque fuel consumption when you are off and on the gas a lot.
    I may be off base here, so please correct me if this read on it is incorrect Ty... you are the expert!

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