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Thread: GM * QT Truck Oil Pan#>>>

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    Looking for any info for a 8 Qt Truck oil pan part # for a mark4 block...thanks.
    GM parts guy was useless.

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    Gm makes an 8 qt pan for the gen 6. But I was told no for the gen 4. Here is the 6 qt LS6 pan # 14103141 from GM. hope this helps. Maybe someone makes an after market pan.I did not check the after market.

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    We did a gen 4 a couple of weeks ago, and the customer brought a pan he bought at the dealer for us to install. It looked like 7 to 8 quart pan and had a baffle and trap door in the pan to keep the oil in the sump during decelleration and it came with a small windage tray that bolts to the ends of studded main cap bolts. Sells over the counter for less that 100.00 bucks.
    I'll try and remember to get the part # tomorrow at work.

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    Thanks...that sounds like the 8 qt. I'm refering to 8" deep?...but without a part# the GM Parts guy is lost.

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    Part # on pan is 14091356, I looked up that number in an older Scoggins/Dicky catalog I had laying around and it showed it to be the old LS7 pan. Try, it might have better info.
    I had the same pan on my jet boat, I think it was 8 1/4 inch deep, but its been awhile
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    Thank you sir...I'll look into that number...

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    hey hammer ive got a 8 qt truck pan here but it dose not have the baffels in it, the lowes motor speedway swap meet in april 3, 4 ,5 ,6 they will have it their or you can weld baffels in the one i have if it will help ya tim

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    GM Parts guy said...yep its a pan...couldnt give me any details on it...nothing at all .
    Tim thanks for the offer...but I'm gona sniff around and see if I can find a new one.
    The one I have has a bolt on windage plate and a trap door in it but its thin in several spots...Last resort will be the Milodon # 31557 or 31195. But I like the stepped auto type of pan so as to sneek my bilge pump infront of it.

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    The above is a 5 quart...I'm looking for the GM 8 qt. Thanks anyhow.

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