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Thread: Need Some ideas....

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    With the winter, if there is such a thing in sunny Ca., upon us and a few months to kill before the boating season , i need some ideas on how to get more out of my 454Mag.
    It's stock and i am thinking og getting some heads and a cam and a carb but want to get the right combo together. I have a Dominator jet that i am going to have rebuilt , any recommendations as to which shop? I see MPD talked about alot on these boards,. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Mike VG

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    Big cubic inch engine with blower.

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    Blown 472
    I think that you should ship your pump to the east coast to have it worked on. Sorry bad joke and I am sure you will see why in a little while.
    MPD does nice work call around and talk to other places, (pretty diplomatic wouldn't you say Chet) If you want great pump work take it to MPD......that means period.

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    Blown 472
    Big cubic inch engine with blower. Ditto that.

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    I have a 454 mag project in the garage to drop into my ride with below the water line exhaust, we should swap notes, parts,...

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    roco racing
    put a blown injected 500 inch chevy on alcohol in it,and have mpd do your pump, its that easy. wink

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    check your pm

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    Blown 472:
    Big cubic inch engine with blower. Ditto that.You guys are just so... predictable! In a good sort of way of course!

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