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Thread: Gripsters (spam)

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    I have a set of Gripsters For Sale.I have only used them twice.Worked great.
    150.00 + shipping
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    You could spend all day wondering what it’s for, but once you know, it makes perfect sense. The Gripster looks like a portable towel rack, but it’s actually a boat holder. The folks at Banshee Outdoor Products have devised an alternative approach to rafting up—one that eliminates those boring old fenders and lines. This device relies on vacuum cups (like those used by window installers) joined by an adjustable-length tube. Made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass and high-tech nylon, the Gripster is designed to fasten securely to two boats (up to 35 feet in length) and hold them slightly apart. The vacuum cups are attached to any clean surface, flat or curved, with the help of integral pumps. Securing them takes about six strokes of the air handle. The distance between boats (from 28 to 38 inches) can be adjusted and locked in. A warning device indicates too little “hold.” The holding power lasts for up to eight hours. Follow instructions carefully and heed warnings. A pair of boat-to-boat Gripsters sells for $229. Personal Watercraft Gripsters are also available for $129. Banshee Outdoor Products, (916) 387-8898.

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    Seems ingenious and a good alternative to buoys

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