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    had an eclipse and after only a few modifications the car was able to run 12 second 1/4 mile times

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    i have a friend of mine that has a GSX eclipse.... it runs 10's in the 1/4 mile. strickly drag car. now that is bad ass when you can take a run of the mill car and make it run like a raped ape down the track.
    the guy that took the time to write that croc of shit is just mad that he works his ass of from 9-5 and cant find the money to make a nice car.
    thats just my .02

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    there are a few imports that have huge perfromance ceilings, Eclipse GSX's Lancer Evos. Subaru WRX's, 93-96 Mazda RX7's

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    Tom Brown
    I had pork fried rice for dinner.

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    Kids will always modify what they have. They buy or dad gives them a Honda Civic and they put every mod they can buy to go faster.
    20 years ago we were into fixen up VW bugs. We were able to take a bug and with only a few thousand dollars beat all kinds of cars in the 1/4 mile. (Porche's, 5.0's, 240Z's, some Vette's and many others.) I had a buddy with a 2180 cc in a '61 bug that could even take a lot of muscle cars at top speed. It did about 150 mph, and with the hp to weight ratio, it got their pretty damn quick. It was fun to watch him beat a big V8 in the 1/4 then wait till they moved up next to him. They always wanted to save face, so they would roll on the gas and try and leave him. He would roll on too and begin losing them again. Kinda emabarrasing for the guy in the V8.
    Now I'm not talking tricked V8's here before you start bashing, I'm talking stock American sports cars.

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