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Thread: old rigger

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    What Does The Old Hornet Bottom Look Like, And Also What Do They Mean When They Say Bubble Deck?

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    Or If Anybody Could Answer.

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    I don't know anything about the Hornet bottom, but I know what a bubble deck is.
    In this pic you can see the "bubble", just ahead of the passenger area where the deck "bubbles" up:
    Hope that helps.

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    I believe the Hornet bottom is what the Liberty and later Eliminator Liberty bottom was derived from.

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    Yes, and w/ a Hornet type bottom on it. Quite a few builders put that bottom to use as their hulls in production. DiscoChargers old Charger, your Hawaiian. Seen a few others, just not coming to mind at the moment.

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    so i found a guy with a hawiian same bottom as that rebuilt 460, berk jc, flat deck says he wants 2,000 needs paint & interior anyone intrested?

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    hey mex call Tom Papp. he was trying to get ahold of you a couple weeks ago.

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    sorry, didn't see your post but these guys here have you covered.
    Yes on both deals. Deck and bottom. Marty Hatchel was Hornet Boats, and quite a few builders did use that bottom. Hatchel got his start as a rigger at Tahiti back in the day, 1960's, and when he branched out on his own he splashed the Tahiti's, like so many others, to get started. Later, Dick Schuster, the owner of both Tahiti and Hawaiian, returned the favor by splashing Martys boat pictured here in this thread. lol
    Interesting trailer under that boat. We'd ship boats back east without trailers, the dealers would supply their own.
    I can't help but wonder if that Hawaiian boat sticker on the trailer has been there since the 70's?

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