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Thread: Hey Info I need your .02

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    I am currently working on the design of a 25, cat that I plan on building out of aluminum. I am currently tosing around engine and drive Ideas. today I am leaning more toward custom fabbing up my own drives strait out the lowest point possible of the sponsons at the transome I'll get a pic posted so I don't haveto explain. but I was thinkin of runnen 2 outdrives out the ass end like in the pic and I am at a point were I could run 2 small blocks or run one big block. What do you think abkout this?
    Thanks Info I have seen your posts on hear and it seem that you know your shit when it comes to power. wink

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    Heres the drive pic.

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    I haven't got to calculating the displacement andother calculations yet. But here is a link to a post with pics of the plans on it. 25' cat post

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    The DCB 26's run pretty good with 1 big block.
    Build a big engine and put a pulse drive on it.
    Link to Pulse Drive
    I can fix you up with the engine.
    I have a good recipe for a blown small block also if you want to do two.
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    Thanks info Sorry to throw shop talk at yah. I'm not sure but I think on big block would be the way to go plus it would leave plenty of room to get around to it to work on it. but on the 2 small blocks you got that harmony of 2 engins purrin out back like yen and yang but them you have the headache of sincronizing then as close as possible. once agoin thanks for your .02

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    hey what kinda money would I be spendin on a 100 + mph big block from yah? me mailbox

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