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Thread: Metering blocks for 660's

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    West Coast Dave
    Hotcrusader76, do you think adding metering blocks,and lengthening the fuel transfer tube obviously, is the hot set up for the 660's? Buddy of mine has a pair on hie 468 V-Drive flattie. Going to go through the carbs and I've been told that the ability to jet the back of the 660 really helps on the tuning, much like a double pumper. You don't have to be square. Also i saw you mention changing over to the 850 base plates help also??? He's got a lot of slop in the throttle shafts now so that could be an option also. Do you commercially do carb work?? Thanks for any info......!!!

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    LeE ss13
    Get a set of #6109 750 Holleys. They fit inline like the 660s but they are dual feed with progressive linkage. They have power valves in the primaries and metering blocks with jets in the secondaries. They just about cure all the commplaints you may have had with the 660s.

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    Ok now...
    Yes it's wise to jet the secondary's. In keeping with "space management" I use a Billet plate that is tapped for a Holley jet. This configuration allows me to save from having to run an extended Fuel transfer tube. The float is a Nitrophyl cut and weighed piece that is also required to run with the Billet plate. Your competitor would never know you had secondary adjustability. I have a fellow ***boaters carbs in-shop right now with this conversion. There will be a photo-shoot on these. I'll post them soon.
    As far as the slop in the throttleshafts....well that can cause unlimited amount of issues. Hestitation, kicking, spitting, lean, hard-starting, etc etc.
    The 850 baseplate conversion is the key ticket. It allows the 660 to move it's fuel curve response up in the RPM band of the cam selected. Also you retain the throttle response of the 660's main-body. Now I also install the modified drop-leg boosters which compliments the baseplate modification, which also adds more air-flow cfm (720-730cfm flow rating).
    I don't understand what you mean by commercially, but yes I do convert these myself, with my own two hands. We have a set right now that is getting the full treatment. Check out our website
    Contact me if you any questions.
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    West Coast Dave
    Thanx for the info. We were having starting problems and spitting like a lean miss etc. We'll be getting hold of you to go through the 660's. Thanx again......!!!

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    WCD, Use a propane torch to add fuel to the mixture. If the engine reacts the same when adding the propane, it's not a lean problem. Something to try idea2 .

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    West Coast Dave,
    When your ready give me a call. Spring turnaround times should be 2-3 weeks. Taking into consideration that alot of orders are pending Feb.2003 we are shooting for a 2-week goal.
    Either way I look forward to hearing from ya!

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    660 center squirters should have dual feed bowls. The little transfer tube can be too small and restrict flow to the sec. bowl. If you have a hi speed lean out this is one of the things I would check. The square bowls can be machined for fuel fittings.

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