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Thread: Toby.......

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    Where are the pics? How did it go?

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    went well......VERY RUSHED! and didnt get much driving time, other then in the truck. I'll but some pix up.

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    ya gotta love SandbarJunkie's new garage...just plain sick! THANK YOU for letting us flop there Fri night......sorry about the mess from the strippers :rollside: those KY squirtguns you have are the DANK!
    the sandbar at 1pm Sat....really over crowded
    ran well, its out of break in mode, with the 28's on it it went 95 but is hittin the rev limiters hard! need some larger props. Had a thermostat go bad on the left motor Sat. LakeLand had it fixed in less than an hour. The stereo is just plain sick and wrong....thanks ROZ . looking forward to a great summer.

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    Glad we got to see the boat...
    It is even beter in person.....

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    Photos look great , thanks for sharing !!

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    Toby she turned out incredible. Look forward to seeing you and the family on the water soon.
    We will be the ones that look like us!

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    Looks great Toby, Congrats.

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    Look's Bitchin...Congrats. Summer is almost here... :crossx:

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    JB in so cal
    That is a thing of beauty. Very nice, Toby!!!

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    Well done Toby...I'm eager to hear that stereo!

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