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Thread: Reverse spam**** Jeep wanted.

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    I am looking for a Newer Stock( IE not lifted/ big wheels and tires are fine) Jeep that is in "turn key" condition. Don't care what engine size. Just looking for a vehicle to tow behind motor home....
    Some where with in 100 miles or so of sacramento. PM me if you or some one you know has one for sale and wants to get paid fast and in Hundreds....

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    I have a Forest Green 1993 Jeep Wrangler super, super clean, all new carpet, full of extras, hard top and soft top, etc., bought as a weekend vehicle, tow hitch available. Want to sell it because I just don't use it. Give me a call if your interested Mike (925) 828-5775.

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    Too bad you want one close by. I have a 99 Wrangler, w/100K on the clock, I'm gonna be gettin rid of around the end of the month. It is all stock. I am the original owner. It was only driven by a little old, oops, I mean little young lady- my wife, lol. It is turnkey. Only problem, besides being so far away, is that she kinda had a little bitty crash with it. Head-on! But I did drive it home from the accident. Just bent the grill, bumper, and fenders. It still drives the same, everything still works fine. She is still driving it to work everyday. But I am gonna be selling it low priced, and getting her a tank. I wonder how much used M1A1's are going for these days?

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