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Thread: 454 mag vs 502 mag ? :confused:

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    I have heard that the 454 is a more reliable choice. Especially ewhen running a Supper Charger. Is this true?

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    Does anyone have any comparisons here, Ponpon?

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Originally posted by gimprvr:
    Does anyone have any comparisons here, Ponpon?
    Did you look under the "Blower Motors" section under "502 vs"???

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    Yes, I did Havasu and I thank you for that. I did read the post but I'm not that technical and it seemed very cryptic for me to really understand. I guess I'm just looking for some esasy to understand Bullets.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I'm not an engine builder, but from what I understand, the 502 is a very reliable engine. The 454 has less cubes, so more modifications are needed to make the same horsepower as a 502.
    There used to be some concerns with the siamese cylinders on the 502, as head gaskets were questionable, but I don't think that's an issue any longer. There are alot of guys running alot of boost in 502s.
    All things being equal, reliability will often come down to bulletproof valve train, forged parts, good balancing, and block and deck blueprinting.
    Froggy? Where's Ray?

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    sea buddy
    Chevy produced 454's for a lot long time than 502's. Both now replaced by 496. This new motor does not have the lack of a water cooling passage between the center two cylinders (nick-named "simese") like the 502. Thus the 496 is closer to 454 than 502. But it is way different, just closer when you compare to 454 or 502. Stock 496 is more powerful than stock 502 and is designed to last longer. Stock injection is way more udated too. Hot roders like to play, this newness makes it harder to play as the is no path to follow and improve on. The new design may have new engine bugs (problems) like all new products.

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    buy a 502 you'll hate the 454 it's a pig even better is 540 great hp 625 and still reliable

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