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Thread: 496 W/ Weiand SC Blower Advice PLEASE

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    Building a 496 out of 454 block. Merlin heads, roller 612 lift cam 114 deg. Bought a blower supposedly off a 525 SC. Weiand, black case red Mercruiser SC insignia on side. I believe to be a 177, has single Dominator top. Is it gonna produce enough for this motor or do I need a 250 blower????? Help Please!

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    250 nothing! It will take an 8-71 to PROPERLY boost a 496. You would have to run a lot of overdrive to make any decent boost with the smaller blowers and the air will be hot! Been there, done that, had a 6-71, then 8-71, now 14-71 delta discharge w/Supper chiller. The cooler the air, the less octane will be needed also. TIMINATOR

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