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Thread: 1981 CP Tunnel For Sale!

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    IMG]http://www2.***[/IMG] http://www2.***[/IMG] Ok guys, We are selling our CP tunnel to spend time building our own boat business, Wicked Performance Boats. This Boat is a very nice piece. It can be bought as hull and trailer or as rigged as you need it. Up to turn key! Bottom was blueprinted by Jeff Bennett. Hull weighs 450lbs. I will sell it for what I have in it. $4500 for hull with trailer plus new fuel tanks- polished for $750= $5250. Anything else is extra. Hull is fast and strong enough for the river. Budlight Call me on my cell phone 1-702-204-5035 and leave a message or PM me on here. By the way, It's my wife's boat and it was only driven on the river on Sundays! This boat has not been sold! I've held it a couple of times for individuals, but nobody has given us money! Buy it and get ready for Spring!

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    Wicked Performance Boats

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    im pretty sure i saw this boat run at needles a couple years ago. it runs/sounds way good.

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    I would really like this boat but need to sell my Daytona, or Legends Race car first. You interested in any sort of trade?

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Bill, normally I'm open to trades but this time, I need the funds toward my new boating venture. Sorry, Budlight

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Look, I can't believe that some Jetboater hasn't bought this boat! It's perfect for riverracer@ NJBA. I'm beginning to the think there are more bench racers. It would be a great boat for the Power Tour. Budlight

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    Wicked Performance Boats

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    bump bump

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    OK guys, I need to move this boat! Our new Wicked boat is on its way and I need to move it. Hull w/hardware and polished fuel tanks. $4500!!!! buy it and go racing. Best deal on a river race boat! Call 702-204-5035 Budlight

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    What Length Is The Boat?

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