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Thread: Who can you count on first?

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    We all have friends we can count on. Wonder who you turn to first. Tell why if you know.

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    some people in high places are just to busy

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    I count on my friend Shockwave bob at all times!

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    yup the people in the high places just don't have the time...

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    I'll wait to till someone else goes first cuz I'll get all sentimental and shtuff.
    Cuz Im shy and all............. :rollside:

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    Cuz Im shy and all............. :rollside:WTF????? You expect us to believe that?

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    Me. :notam:

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    i dont have any friend in high places :cry:

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    Tom Brown
    You can't count on anyone. We're all screwed.
    Have a nice day.

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    WTF????? You expect us to believe that?
    And why wouldnt you?
    Friends in Low places. They are the only ones I have.

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