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Thread: 78 Sleek hull? does any body know

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    Got a deal on a 78 sleek hull,$2500 460ford with berk jet,kind of looks like a cat.21 foot black with purple stripes.Anybody know about this type of hull.

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    post some pics

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    Hey hondo.Got a email address.

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    I got a '78 Sleekcraft - Kauai model
    Its not a tunnel though, mine is a v-bottom.
    Handles the chop really well as long as you run it hard. At 25-35mph it will destroy your kidneys in rough water, but at 50mph it skims the top of the wavs devil
    Mine has the 460 ford, berk drive, a impeller and its running mid 60s. Some slight engine work, prolly around 425hp.
    Chances are the motors comin out this winter and its getting a nice big 502ci chevy, was gonna go ford but i would prefer to have parts readily available, and i would need chevy headers even if i chose ford anyways.
    Lets see some pics!

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