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Thread: Any Realtor's with Victorville MLS access??

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    I'm looking for a few listings out there. Please help!

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    I'm looking for a few listings out there. Please help!
    Hey CJ, you are making us appraisers look like an unprofessional bunch by asking for help to do your work on *** all the time.
    My suggestion is that if you don't have MLS in an area you probably shouldn't be working there. Pony up the $$ and get the MLS, its a cost of being in business.
    I always tell the people who bitch about the fees being too high that you get what you pay for and this just proves my point.
    Sorry for being so harsh but this kind of stuff just gets to me.
    OK, now you can tell me I'm an ass hole

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    Thats like poaching :argue:

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    That is funny Outnumbered but very true! I think Ivan Dan has access to the area.

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    al cole'holic
    I'm looking for a few listings out there. Please help!
    ..what do you need Chris???

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    i got a friend of mine that is a realitor out here if u need any help

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    I'll take a little ribbing due one last message. I was a dumbass for not getting the one shot. I could have driven all the way back to Palmdale but I knew I had friends nearby who could help. Most people around here know me well enough that I would do the same for them, and have.
    FYI, I had already passed on the order but my client pleaded me to handle it personally due to the trust they have in me. You do get what you pay for, thank you.

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    I pay well for data access however I am only around 90 percent confident with the tax data I have paid for access to. I hate being half ass so I thank al cole'holic and the my many other friends for the offers.
    No need to prove myself here. I have done it time and time again over the years and will continue to do so.
    I consider myself lucky to have such a network of friends here. However I would expect no less than a few harsh messages on this board lately. I'm glad to see Feifer cleaning up around here. I remember the day when RiverDave was king.

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    access to public side of the MLS here ( unless you have to have the realty side.

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    Hey, I'm all about helping out other HB peeps when I can but its a little different situation here. We're talking about mooching/begging for help that you are too cheap or lazy to pay for/do yourself. Like I said, if you are not willing to pay for the data in a given area than don't do a "half-ass" job and go up out of your element without MLS access. Stick to your home area or step up and pay for the data. You make appraisers look like jack-asses.
    Signed, Asshole :rollside:

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