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Thread: ford mechanic in Sherman Oaks

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    any one know of one that wont rip of my sister in law
    she is having problems with her explorer
    the guy she went to told her it was an air floe problem and it would be $1500.00 to fix it
    I cant go down to check it out myself and she is a Chick and and cant give me any info that makes ant sense on the problem

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    PM me and I can help you out.

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    thanks sent you a PM
    I will be in and out all day hope you can help

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    MIKE, are so saying she has a air flow prob through the dash? if she does ,probally a vacuum leak under the hood. the dash hvac servos are vacuum and if the vacuum supply is leaking it will change from vent to defrost or defrost to floor.let me know,i work on fords too.

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    Speedin' Ian
    Have her visit Josh Chase at Vista Ford in Woodland Hills, he's a service rider there and a good friend of mine. Have her tell him Ian sent her.

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    thank for the responses guys
    I haven't talked to my sister inlaw myself yet
    my wife has so all the info I have is from one chick to another then to me
    and nether of them have much of a clue on mechanical things
    she hasn't tried to call any of the numbers yet but she will be soon

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