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    I finally beat J540 into submission and he's making a batch of water pumps.
    They will have a -16 intake and a -16 outflow. He is going to use the same Jabsco impeller as the Magnaflow. He will also make some with two chambers that will have a -16 in and out on each chamber for intercooled deals.
    He runs his current set up with one chamber feeding the chiller only and the other splitting the -16 to two -12's, into his CMI headers, into block and out two dumps on his 588 w/1471 injected deal. He says this generates a total of 5-8#'s pressure at the outflow (end of line). The single chamber will empty a 5 gal bucket in 9 secs. at 800 rpm. These can be run on injected or non injected setups.
    He doesn't have a firm price yet but says they should be around three hundred bucks.
    I can e-mail some pics if someone wants to post them.

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    Are these going to be set up with the 3/8" hex??
    So they can be stacked with a Enderle fuel pump??
    Need picks

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    Yes they are.
    I can e-mail pics to you.
    What,s your address?

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    Cool. I may need one for the new motor combo.

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    Thanks Ian.
    John, clean up your junk before you a take a picture next time! BIOTCH!

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