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Thread: How do you know if your power valve is blown?

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    Wet Dream
    I guess that backfires can damage the powervalve. I've only had one such backfire due to the ignition being left on and the HEI turned and caused a plug to fire. I did run the boat 3 times and didn't seems to act any differently but what should I look for in that case? Easy fix or what? Holley of course.

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    If the powervalve is blown it will leak fuel into the engine. It will be very rich when you start it after it has been shut down for a few minutes. A lot of the time you can hear fuel drip when it is shut down.
    If you take it out of the carb. suck on the side with the big end to draw the valve in and put your tongue over the hole. It should hold. (if you do not have a tool to do so)

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    The easiest way to tell if the Power Valve is blown is to turn your adjusting screws in all the way, if it keeps running, then you have a blown valve. If it backfired with the thottle open, you may not have blown the valve also, if you have a new carb, more than likely there is power valve protector on it......Good luck......

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    ski bum1
    replace it its only 4.95 best way.

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