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Thread: Happy Birthday Mandelon

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    And many many my favorite Stalker.
    ** Courtesy of FM who realized it was your special day........ thanks FM

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    happy B-day MAN-DE-LON
    hopefully your not alone tonight

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    Happy Birthday.

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    Happy Bday Mandy

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    Kim Hanson
    Mandy, have a good one today..Happy Birthday ............( . )( . ).............

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    HOpe you got your steak and knobber! Happy birthday!

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    Thanks! Woke up to the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls baking....and bacon. Went to work for a while on one of my own rehabs. My ten year old daughter came along to help. Pops in law came over and we got 80% of it wired up so that was cool. Wife made me my dinner of choice, big ol' T bone, twice baked potatoes and green beans....two scoop sundae at 31 flavors...tomorrow we head out to Martinez to make a rehab list on the new (to us) trailer. A Good day. thanks for remembering!

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    Happy Birthday, Mandelon. :smile:

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    Hardly Satisfied
    Happy Birthday

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