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Thread: Autocad/Vectorworks users I need a DWG or DXF

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    I am in need of a dwg or dxf or basically any format I can import into vectorworks 11 of a Catamaran .... Any size, make or model between 20 - 44' will work .... no, I am not looking to steal anyone's design, I just need it for use in a promotional rendering.....any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    anyone? :cry:

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    anyone? :cry:
    hold on I will see if there is one in my ACAD design Lib.

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    nope nothing in autocad
    but do a google search for "autocad+boat" and you will get PLENTY!!!! of what your looking for

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    I find alot of ships, sailboats and skiffs... I need one the looks reasonably like a DCB

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    by the way SK, thank you very much for lookin!

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    I just found this one on an image search....
    Not very good, but it's something. Perhaps you can use photoshop to make a DCB look like it's in one of those programs?

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    Also, someone from This FORUM might be able to help you out..... (

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    YA that may be what I have to do is us an image....instead of a model...Thanks Jason!

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