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    hello everyone I am new to the forum but have been reading them for some time now. I happen to live in stkn area and am always on the delta.

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    Hey Rob welcome to the jungle. We spent alot of time at the Delta this year might have past you sometime. My boat is black with skull & cross bones on the side. :crossx: :rollside: Big Joe (REDNECK)

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    hey bigjoe I remember your boat. I hope to see you out there this year and maybe at some poker runs. My boats name is 4 play.

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    ROBSFORMULA, Badburn and Me are thinking about doing DESERT STORM POKER RUN but nobody will call me back. That is at havasu in april. Let me know when you are going down to Delta again maybe will have a few cocktails? YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK WHEN THE HINGES ON COOLER ARE MORE WORN THAN HINGES ON YOUR PICKUP. :idea: BIGJOE

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    does anybody know when the Tony's Steak and Beans poker run is scheduled for in may? I am trying to get my calender together for this year's poker runs and I believe that is the start of the poker runs in the Delta area.

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