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Thread: Temp gauge install

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    I picked up the Temperature gauge from Rex Marine that bolts into the water jacket hole of my BBC. What is the easiest way to remove the plug in the side of the head?

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    If you're talking about the large 1" NPT plugs in the end of the heads use the following procedure to avoid breaking the plug or the head. Drill a series of about 1/4" diameter holes across the center of the stock plug as close together as possible. Take a chisel and break the material between the holes away. These stock plugs are cast iron like the heads so the material breaks pretty easy (same reason you can't usually unscrew them). Once you've broken the plug into 2 pcs, simply tap it out counterclockwise. Clean the threads if necessary with a 1" NPT tap. Usually not necessary if you're careful removing the plug. I've removed dozens of these successfully in this manner and it really doesn't take that long. Hope this helps

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    Thanks, I'll give it a try. About how deep does the plug go into the head? I guess what I'm asking is how thick is the plug.....

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    They're not that thick, probably 3/4 inch at the thickest parts, much thinner in the square hole in the center. Just try to keep the drill a hair off the threads on both sides when you drill your series of small holes. Also after you get the holes in the plugs if you have a little jigsaw with a metal blade you can go right through what's left in short order. If not though just chisel the cast iron between the holes away. You should be able to get the holes very close together so there's not really much left to break away. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the help and advice. This is what makes this site great.

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