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Thread: hubbies 40th birthday

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    Mrs. Formula
    Can anyone help with any vacation suggestions? Its robsformula 40th and I would like to surprise him with a short birthday family and all. The 2 of us and our 4 kids 7,9,15,15. He insists that if we go anywhere that all of us are together for his birthday and I thought it would be fun to go to Hawaii, Mexico, or even Florida I checked with the Formula manufacture to see if they are aware of any off shore driving school or program and they are not aware or any in Florida. I really need some help or suggestions for his birthday. I would like to keep the cost around 3 to 6k if possible. He can only leave for amax of 5 days. We are self employed and he does not like leaving work for too long.
    Thanks Mrs.Formula

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    a catered life
    if you havent been to hawaii it would be great for this they have enough to keep the entire family busy for all ages and great. florida is great are you refering to the orlando area?

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    Turning 40 is a great age
    Hawaii would be a lot of fun for everyone, plenty of family activities, Florida is fun around Orlando I might lean towards Hawaii between the two

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    Mrs. Formula
    Jet boat Rich or Catered Life do either one of you no of any reasonable places in orlando? Also have you or do you no of anyone else that has been or even has some sort of off shore driving school. He would be so surprised if I could find something like that. I guess what I am looking for is some great fun at Deal of a price being that he is insisting on taking the kids for his B-day also. Please let me no sooooon.. :idea:
    Mrs. Formula

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    a catered life
    i travel within my resort club so i dont know the price for anything sorry :rollside:

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