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Thread: Newby looking for some tips

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    Hi Everyone. I'm locates on a tiny little island between Australia and Papua New Guinean and am rebuilding a 18'Sidewinder / BC with Split bowl and diverter / Chevy LS1-GenIII worked. I just completely reglassed my transom, reduced the hook and replaced stringers and floor. Somebody tols me that moving the intake back would improve performance, so I wondered if teher are any good tips available, in particular to sealing the pump and boat. Thanx in advance for any suggestions

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    welcome to ***boats! do a search for "set-back pump install" and i bet you'll spend the rest of the nite looking thru all of them. there's been quite a few people here nice enough to post pics and advise on the far as the pump setting further back, on most boats it makes a world of difference, while others wouldn't see any benefit from it.look around on the boards for someone runnin the same boat, pm them for advise, you'll get all the info you'd ever need that way!

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    Some Kind Of Monster
    Although my pump was set back from the factory, there are tons of posts regarding the subject. If you have the time/money, don't stop there. look into other pump modifications such as a ride plate, shoe, loader, and an array of other items. I would imagine it's hard to find parts locally where you live, but you can order whatever you need on the internet! Tell us more about your motor combo.

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    Hi again, thanx for your replys. My boat is an old 18' Sidewinder that sat around for the last ten years. Had a Olds 455 with a BJ-C in it, a rotten floor and a transom as solid as a cheesecake. I stripped the entire boat, reglassed new stringers, floor, transom and bought myself a splitbowl, hydraulic diverter and a 6litre LS1-GenIII engine out of a wrecked Corvette a guy wrapped around a pole when it was about three days old. Engine is worked, new mapping on the EFI, 92mm intake, custom-built centre-risers, fresh-water cooling, does 327kW on the dyno, but should be good for about 350kW. Just started building the engine-mounts out of alu, and still have to come up with a way to couple the PTO to the jet, don't want to use a CV-joint, looks too heavy to me. Am not sure how to go about doing a set-back, will have to do a lot of reading and doing sketches before I go ahead and cut.

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    I am obviously to stupid to find anything on set-backs, did a search and all I found was heaps of stuff about oil pumps

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    I bumped up two threads I found about pump setback for you.

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