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Thread: Sprint Notebook Card Speed Test At Nautical Inn

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    I'm not too impressed, at the Nautical, trying to use Sprint's newest "high speed" notebook card, and I did a speed test, and it came up at 90 kps, slower then an old analog modem. :cry:
    I'm brousing Hot Boat pretty good, but the test says, Sprint is not doing too good out here.
    What is your experience at Havasu with wireless data??

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    I don't think they or any of the cellular carries have EVDO antennas up in the Havasu area yet.
    You will have a better chance with the WIFI connections.

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    No Evdo Coverage out there yet, that is why the card is so slow.
    Another year or so and we will have Evdo in Havasu.
    If you need anything for Sprint or Nextel, shoot me a pm.
    Sprint Card (

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    Is that why nothng works very good cell wise in Havasu ? I've always wondered. I can't log onto my email on my cell phone, my cell phone coverage is very on and off, and my verizon card didn't work at all. Always amazed me. So there are plans to fix all this soon ?

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