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Thread: anybody have the hp/rpm chart for panther pump

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    need a target for turning pump 5000 rpm

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    I believe a Panther only has 1 impeller. According to JPCalc, 338HP.

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    thanks a million. that will be extremely halpful in the off season motor build.

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    They are very close to a Berk B.

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    I dunno if this helps but i've got a BBC puttin out around 550 HP, it will spin my panther up to 5500rpm very quickly and top speed around 65-70. My pump isn't the tightest in the world but it will still get after it with that much horsepower.

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    Yup, I'm running a BBC and am hitting the revlimiter at 5900. The boat runs out pretty well but the rpm is driving me nuts. Seems it's pretty common for these pumps to cavitate after a certain rpm and lets your motor rpms climb unacceptably. Theres been much discussion on this but to date I sure don't have it figured out..

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    I have the cavitation problem out of the hole, if I hit it more than 3/4 throttle from an idle it will cavitate pretty bad, top end doesn;t seem bad. I don't know what to think about it either.

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    If my understanding of the Panther design is correct, they are a (relative to the "berk-style" designs) a low-pressure/hi-volume flow which would tend to make it harder for them to deal with RPM after a point, it starting to "thrash" the water too hard and generate cavitation. Also, that impeller shaft isn't very heavy. I've heard from other users that over 400 HP is a good way to eventually twist one, especially with some shock-loading involved from getting slightly airborne.

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