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Thread: Great Day

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    Ken F

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    Great Pics thanks for sharing

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    you need a new speedometer

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    Ken F Duane says it's more fun to bury an 80 than be almost there on a 140! LOL

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    I'm No Expert shaun's Avatar
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    1,224 Duane says it's more fun to bury an 80 than be almost there on a 140! LOL
    lol, too funny.
    Nice looking boat!

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    you need a new speedometer
    Hmmm, I don't remember even looking at that speedo when I had my foot buried in the loud pedal last year
    The water looks good Ken. How'd it run?

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    Vern S
    Looking good Ken. I was following your post on, did you get your oil pan changed and if so, what were the results.

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    centerhill condor
    sweet! post some video when you get a chance. I bet that is one nice rumble in the back seat!

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    Ken F
    Vern, the Armando's Racing Oilpan took care of the windage great. Now I've got a problem of not being able to get over 42 lbs oilpressure when the engine is hot. I'm heading out early in the morning for Bret Powell's to take him for a ride on Lake of the Ozarks.....more to come.
    Thanks for asking!
    Centerhill, I'll try and get some tomorrow, though I have no idea how to put video on here. Guess it cant be all that hard eh? LOL

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