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Thread: BBC Gen V & Gen VI oil system problem

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    I recently had a bearing problem in my new Gen VI 496 blower motor. There was no obvious malfunction. A buddy of mine, Supersoaker466, provided me with the following links that solved the mystery.
    A $5. oil bypass change and the removal of another oil bypass is all the change that is required to fix the problem.
    Read it for yourself:
    In the last link to Scoggin Dickey, click on Contact Us, then Knowlege Base, then search Oil Bypass.
    Good luck. I hope this helps some of you. Note: It does not apply to Mark IV engines
    L J
    Thanks Supersoaker466 for sharing this information.

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    Lynn....I'm not sure if this was your problem, but if you run a remote oil filter and oil cooler it is a must have.

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