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Thread: it took 60 minutes to Call Bush Stupid!

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    centerhill condor
    I watched enough of 60 minutes Sunday afternoon. A nice pant load, to borrow a phrase.
    At the end Andy Rooney, the same guy that complains about telephone poles, suggested that the President have a state of the union style speech to admit that the entire Iraq policy was a mistake and we're pulling out immediately.
    Thanks for the support there guys...CBS (call Bush stupid) had a story about the genocide in Darfur.. Nancy Pelosi and Leslie stahl were having a Bush bashing contest...and the lead story was about misappropriation of funds in Iraq.
    Which one of these stories is "news", short for new story?
    Every time the gov't spends a dollar there is theft and waste. The answer; get the gov't out of the spending business.
    Black on Black violence? In Africa, no less? Say it aint so! Where's Jesse?
    A politician bashing the president? The only president that has not been bashed was George Washington. A devout Christian that fought against revolutionary war benefits for veterans because he didn't want the new country to become a welfare state. Try that today and you'll only need 2 "for president" buttons. Mom will wear one...while she's moving her stuff out of your room.
    You're right...I should've turned it off and I did switch quite frequently.
    The press was all over the gov't in Germany until the Hitler took the reigns. Guess they didn't see that coming? Kinda like those guys with the swords, towels, and book of which they're sooo zealous to make you read.
    One glaring omission from the show was an Idea! Just one idea with, say a paragraph of details. In case you haven't noticed ideas with details are woefully lacking in this election cycle. The media has hijacked the process into a rhetoric-athon. All style, no substance, all the time.
    If you want a better world we'll have to pray, teach, and work for it. You can help by getting involved in the process. Most of yall have the boats down anyway with a little time you can fix the country!
    I'll be glad when this election is completed, until then I'll be off the news channels again. I've got signs in my yard and have worked a few campaigns. I suggest you do the same or expect more of the same.

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    Old Texan
    I watched bits and pieces of the episode. My comments on what I saw:
    -Be scared of Nancy Pelosi, be very scared. She is no leader and is the epitome of what is wrong with liberals. This woman will tax us out of existance while tearing apart our military and blowing up what little border protection we have left. Get ready for "Adopt a Migrant" if Nancy is in charge.
    -The man from the "'world whatever organization for poor non muslim people be killed by rampant tyrants" (genocide), blamed the people of the USA for not being aware and stepping in. Well how come everytime the US steps in we're called meddlesome bullies? What the hellis the UN supposed to be solving?

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    I don't know what else to do, other than vote against those liberals.
    Maybe it's time to get nasty & up in the face of the retards who vote these fools into office. Iv'e always tried to be nice toward people with a Democrate mindset, maybe not anymore because they help to ruin our Country. No more political correct crap. When I here someone extolling the virtues of liberals, I'm going to blast them verbaly on what morons they are. :crossx:

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    I watched the Andy Rooney thing and I thought it was very well layed out, and made sense no matter what side you're on!

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    Old Texan
    I watched the Andy Rooney thing and I thought it was very well layed out, and made sense no matter what side you're on!
    You just got turned on by Andy's bushy eyebrows. Gives him that wild look...

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    centerhill condor
    I watched the Andy Rooney thing and I thought it was very well layed out, and made sense no matter what side you're on!
    well, allright...suppose we pull out of Iraq this week...then what? because no matter your position on the military operation in Iraq there will be a "then what".

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    Red Horse
    We pull out of Iraq now and we didnt do enough. Pull out later and we were there too long.
    Americans need to turn off the media and make up their own minds. All these politicians do is get rich off our tax dollars. I am convinced not one of them really gives a damn about this country as long as they get theirs. :crossx: :220v:

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    It's that darned "what then" that hangs up the "opposition party" like a cheap suit, every time. I never seem to hear any substantive positive results from it either.

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    Centerhill Condor;
    George Washington was not nearly as devout a Christian as you give him credit for. He would most assuredly not support the Bush administration's efforts to undermine Thomas Jefferson's Wall of Separation. He would not support military chaplains either.
    As to his opposition to veterans' benefits, I could find nothing in Wikipedia about that. Do you have a link to it, or did you just throw that out there putting YOUR words in HIS mouth?

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    Care to explain even the EXISTENCE of the "wall of saparation of church & state" .... since it does not exist in the laws of the nation, merely in a letter written by a former president?
    How is Pres Bush "undermining" a nonexistent thing?

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