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Thread: Just for you Havasu people that think I all I do is slam Havasu.....

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    We have our share of idiots up here in Bullhead also. Actually, this lady is a bigger idiot than most She is from BH but lives in Kingman I guess. Check out the last line in the new release. Friggin' moron!
    Former BHC woman faces numerous burglary charges
    Saturday, October 21, 2006 8:58 PM PDT
    The Daily News
    KINGMAN - A former Bullhead City woman sentenced to prison several months ago for a stealing a car from a Bullhead City dealership was arraigned Friday on 17 new felony charges.
    Katherine Sarah Marquis, 21, now of Kingman, pleaded innocent to 16 counts of third-degree burglary and one count of possession of burglary tools.
    Superior Court Robert Moon said that for the burglary charges Marquis faces almost four years in prison for each count and two years in prison for possession of burglary tools if she is tried and convicted.
    Marquis and Bennett Franklin Pierce, 34, were arrested after they allegedly stole items from cars parked in a tow yard in the 3800 block of Andy Devine Avenue in Kingman.
    Marquis was sentenced in August to four months in prison after stealing a 2006 Lincoln Sedan from Colorado River Ford. She pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of theft.
    At her sentencing, she was given three months time already served in county jail while her case was pending.
    She was arrested in Fort Mojave in May in the stolen car after trying to pay for gas with a fake million-dollar bill.

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    METH! You gotta love it!

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