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Thread: has anyone ever heard of this?

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    Tom Brown
    Maybe they can find that couple of hundy that Barney loaned RiverDave a few years ago. :idea:

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    i am serious though. i put my previous married name in there and it came up that i had a claim related to the house my ex and i used to own.

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    looks like a pay service.. each state has a site where you can check to see if you have any money owed you via tax returns, forgotten bank accounts etc.. etc.

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    Tom Brown
    I wonder what would come up if we punched in SYA's name? :idea:

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    A year ago, I showed up on a State of Texas list of unclaimed property. I submitted a very simple form and was notified soon thereafter that I had a couple hundred laying around from an previous credit card account. I had cancelled that card but I guess I had a hefty rebate from all previous activity. I received a check from the State about a month later.

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    Maybe they can find that couple of hundy that Barney loaned RiverDave a few years ago. :idea:
    LMAO :crossx: :crossx:

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    I was on one of these lists a few years back,, A savings account that I had opened when I was 5 years old. We had moved away out of state, the bank had closed down, and we didn't think anything about it.
    The bank had sold out to another bank, and it maintained the account... So,, a couple of hundred dollars of birthday and xmas money turned into a pretty nice surprise afte 27 years of not touching it...
    All I had to do was fill out a form and send it in with a copy of my drivers license and birth certificate.
    Chaaa Chinnngggg

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    Ya, that looks like a pay site....even though they try very hard to make it look "official".
    You can search the California state site for free.... :idea:
    Calif State Controllers Unclaimed Property Site (
    I picked up a couple hundred there $$$..... :rollside:
    :rollside: :boxed:

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    I was on a list in Texas once from an insurance claim. My brother inlaw scum wrecked my car and it was fixed. Nothing big but apparently the insurance company never paid the auto shop or me. A few years later I got a check for 1500.00 Merry Christmas to me.

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