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Thread: So, if I am going to a Halloween party and have to wear a costume....

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    is it alright for me to just wear the garb I wear when I ride my bike? You know, be a Harley guy. I hate dressing up, love the parties and of course seeing all the girls dress up.
    I am heading to a few parties and don't have any friggin' costume.

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    I guess it depends on where you are going LMAO

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    Like this kind of biker? :crossx:

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    Yea, just keep away from the gay "YMCA" look and you'll be fine. LOL... Actually, that would be kinda funny. :rollside:

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    I have a feeling you will be there Mel
    ooooo you must mean the VARSITY CLUB HOUSE aka

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    Like this kind of biker? :crossx:
    hey does that guy drive a slowwave

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    ****in' bully...and shit
    Don't make me go get HL after
    you know I have more CROSS DRESSORS who drive or use to drive those boats WTF it must be something in the paint
    And if you need proof I have pics of a few Swave boat owners past and present :rollside:

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    leave em alone **** it's Monday at least wait till Thursday
    LMAO OK for you Tom

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    As long as your not sporting the ass less chaps...I think your good to go. :rollside:

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    A female friend suggested I do that and I shot that down immediately. Ain't gonna happen, no way no how.
    I might ride the bike to the party though. As HH would say "Keepin' it real"

    Haha....well if your going to the hoots I would recommend not riding or plan on crashing way or another someone there is going to get you to drink.... :crossx:

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