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Thread: Noise Violations?????

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    Did anybody get hassled or busted for muffler/sound violations this year? Where and details????

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    I only heard of this in Idaho on lake cda . and it is about to get worse . supposedly they( the sheriff) kicked John Elway of the lake and a few others until the muffled the boats. This also happened to a cabin owner on priest lake .

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    Yup, Lake Winni in NH.
    Older Patrol Officer, mid 60's ? He didn't even want registration papers, "Boater's Edu" certificate, life jackets, fire extinguisher, or anything.
    He asked what Sunday I can go down to get db measured and i said "None." "No sundays are available to me."
    He then asked to see my mufflers, which I do have, and I told him that they are externally mounted in tailpipes which are under the swim platform.
    He then looked and saw the swimplatform touches the water and said "Well, I don't see them and I'd have to go under the water to verify."
    I said "I have time and i'll hold your boat while you go in."
    He rolled his eyes and said "well, try to quiete it some more." He then untied and took off.
    Damn !!!! LOL.

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    I said "I have time and i'll hold your boat while you go in."
    That's great! I've never had a problem on Lake Anna or my home lake Tygart. Our Conservation officers enjoy us lining up 3-6 boats wide and hammering down the lake WOT. Most are gearheads like us here.

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