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Thread: At this minute, Seventeen years ago today,,, My

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    My Son was born.
    My ex had an easy delivery, but kept wanting to get up and run outta the hospital.
    All was going smooth until the nurse said to her, "Youre having killer contractions, we can't believe you're not in horrible pain".
    What a thing to say,, made her panic.
    Then when the Dr Circumsized him, the nurse put the phone on PA and played him crying all over the hospital.
    MY ex mother in law looks like a shop worn Mick Jagger and I was always scared the kids would get her looks.
    Wheew, none of them did.
    Raising another family, my wifes kids, and it's excellent.
    Love having kids around.

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    17 years ago, my oldest was 14. Poor girl still looks like her mother.

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    I've only heard stories about your daughter, never about a son.

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    Love having kids around.
    We do too, we have 3 kids ages 8=boy, 6=girl, 1=girl, sometimes we talk about another one, but it won't happen, not with me anyway, I got a vasectomy just to make sure.

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    well your son and i share the same b day soo i wish hime a very happy b day

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    ...........I was scared out of my mind cuz I had just started junior high school and was introduced to homeroom, periods, remembering where your classes were, and all the bad stuff in was fun though.

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    17 yrs ago....i was 8...G.I Joes and Hotwheels was all i worried about...the good ol days!

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