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Thread: WOW! One of my stocks is up $63.10 today :)

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    but that still only computes to a 1.88% gain. BRK.B has been a steady riser for me over the past 2-3 years and I actually only look at the percentages but it still is fun to look at
    Another one of mine (PNRA) is down $4.42 which computes to a drop of 6.43% but has been a star in the industry for a while. This one % wise has made me very good money over the last 2-3 years.
    Anybody else having fun in the market right now?

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    The BRK A is up $1800.....

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    Go Warren B!

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    Mine went up $1.45 a share..........not too bad. But what will tomorrow bring?! :crossx:

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    Warren he related to Jimmy?

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    Warren he related Jimmy?From Jimmy Buffett's Wikipedia bio: "He is friends with legendary investor Warren Buffett and they suspect that they are distant cousins, but they have not been able to document this." Wall Street Journal, 5/2/2005

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    Anyone see what Garmin's been doing. Wish I bought ayear ago

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    No kiddin'! I bought a handful of Google right after their IPO - at 101. Shits like 480something now!! YEEA!!!

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    Bought 5k shares of Netflix back in 04', made good money this week. It has been higher. Nice to see it coming back though.

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    I'm pretty happy with my google shares :crossx:

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