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Thread: Strut Bushings, Part II

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    Ok Fellas, after having successfully removed a couple of different sets of the fiber Aqua Lube type bushings in my lifetime, I've reached a new snag here. This particular strut is rigged with the rubber bushings encased in a brass housing (looks like it came from a Master Crap Ski Boat). The problem is they have a flared end so they pound in and seat against the strut barrel flush and dandy. Now here's where the bitch of the whole thing lies...... I cannot get anything of adequate diameter through the backside to punch out the front bushing, and vice-versa? Any helpful hints here? About now I'm also highly PO-ed at my friend's Dad who decided it was a good idea to fill in his pit in the garage so he could park a 5th wheel there! It might be easier if I had the luxury of not being pinned up against all of the trailer frame rails every time I breathe. Damnit I knew it was coming, the first time through this whole project I've been even remotely close to pissed off. Anyhow, any tips are appreciated, and thank you for letting me vent. http://free.***

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    Costello, Try a hacksaw blade and split the shell, it should then be alot easier to push out. Don't forget to wrap some duct tape around the end of the blade to form a handle, its alot easier on the hands than grabbing a bare blade.

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    AhhhSoo 058. Actually I tried a Dremel with a small cutoff wheel to cut the shell, and it broke. I then tried a hacksaw and it wobbled around like a limp noodle because I failed to make the handle with duct tape. Thanks for the hint.

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    spectras only
    Costello, go to a toolrental place and rent a reciprocating saw.Home Depot rents them for 8 bucks CDN here.I don't have one ,but can always borrow one from my neighbor http://free.*** takes less than a minute to cut it .
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    Put the boat and trailer on a lift. It will be much easier.

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    Thanks, Spectras and Dan. My friend has 2 lifts in his shop, but it's a little further than I'd like to travel for this job. I think with the reciprocating saw I can bear the tight fit again for a few.

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