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Thread: New breed of firemen?

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    I sure as hell hope the F UCK not!!
    I did laugh my ass off though
    He'll never make it in the fire service, THANK GOD (

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    little rowe boat
    Thats hilarious.

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    little rowe boat
    I'll bet he's a dog handler.

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    I'll bet he's a dog handler.
    That hurts me, deep down. :cry:

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    ahh man that was great!!

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    The only part they shouldn't have editted out was the cooking scene....I bet he could have cooked a mean quiche....Those fire guys are just so nice

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    Oh that was awesome! That must of been the guy that beat me for a spot last time Burbank tested.

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    prop check
    That is an example why there should never be open testing in the fire service..... That was very funny

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    I just had to watch it again.
    "Ok, ahh, ow it burns, ow. I got pole burn" LMAO

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