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Thread: Video shows snipers' chilling work in Iraq

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    CNN's decision to air a video showing snipers targeting U.S. troops in Iraq provoked both rage and praise yesterday, with some calling it a brave move by the cable network and others labeling it a propaganda coup for terrorists.
    “This is nothing short of a terrorist snuff film,” said Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Carlsbad. “I think CNN should recognize it made a terrible mistake and pull it.”
    Bilbray, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, sent a letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld asking him to yank any CNN reporters embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq.
    “They don't deserve to be with American Marines and soldiers,” said Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, at a news conference he and Bilbray held yesterday in downtown San Diego. CNN “can't decide which side they're on.”
    Jeffrey Dvorkin, executive director of the Committee of Concerned Journalists in Washington, said CNN “did an important journalistic job in reporting this.”
    “It's enormously important that Americans have a very clear sense of what our military is going through in Iraq,” Dvorkin said. “It's one of the better pieces of war reportage I've ever seen.”
    A Defense Department spokesman yesterday declined to comment on the issue.
    The cable channel began airing portions of the chilling video Wednesday night on “Anderson Cooper 360,” after what a network official described as an intense internal discussion over its news value.
    “Whether or not you agree with us in this case, our goal, as always, is to present the unvarnished truth as best we can,” wrote CNN producer David Doss in a blog entry about the taped footage, which was still available on last night.
    CNN said it obtained the video through contacts with the Islamic Army of Iraq, a Sunni-led insurgent group that has carried out numerous suicide bombings and kidnappings.
    The tape provides a sniper's-eye view of the protracted war. During one portion, an enemy sniper and a spotter target a U.S. soldier standing atop a parked Humvee along a crowded street.
    A crack is heard and the televised image goes black.
    A second later, the soldier is shown slumping in the Humvee's turret, apparently taken down by a single bullet from a rifle. The footage is so murky that it's unclear who the soldier is or which branch of the armed forces he is with.
    CNN said it did not know exactly when or where the gruesome tape was made, but that its experts had determined it was not a fake.
    The video's airing comes at a time of growing concern over enemy snipers in Baghdad. U.S. military officials say snipers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their tactics.
    On the video, male Arabic voices can be heard as the sniper and spotter talk off-camera.
    THIS IS DISCUSTING !!!! People need to send messages to CNN

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    I wonder if CNN has noticed that the praise is coming from the press, and the rage is coming from just about everyone else.

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    centerhill condor
    communist news network...these guys would be the first to get the knife if the Islams took over...funny how that works.
    do you think they'd show the "spectre" tapes with the same bravado? the same praise from the media? or would it merely show what savages we are? and the outrage that we kill people with airplanes?
    I see it for what it is...merely a clip of what to come.

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    Maybe next time they will show a child abduction or an old lady getting beat for her purse. Or for equal play they can show a sniper shooting a news crew.

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