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Thread: Someone looking to step up to a Cig?? This is your boat.

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    Liquid Courage
    If anyone is interested in or knows someone interested in stepping up to a Tiger this is the boat for you! It is in absolutely awesome condition, no dissapointments. It recently sold for more than the asking price in the ad and will go for less than any other comparable VI Tiger on the market.
    Teague 1000's with 40 hrs.
    Fresh paint & interior by Lip-Ship performance in Miami.
    Myco trailer w/drive guard. complete overhaul in '05 with disk brakes/elec. over hydrolic, new bunks and electrical.
    Boat has potential to easily run 100!
    PM me if anyone has any questions.

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    Liquid Courage
    Come on, someones gotta be ready! This deal wont be beat!

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    What, are you pimping boats now??? :rollside:

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    Liquid Courage
    What, are you pimping boats now??? :rollside:
    A little
    I got the Crayola Tiger sold and in my opinioin this Tiger blows away anything in it's class on how clean it is. and like I said, the price wont be beat. Just trying to get the word around.
    what's up with you Brian? Hows biz? Got any used 3A shafts laying around you don't need?

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