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    Richie Rich
    I actually remember this guy. He is Ralph Petey Greene. He was actually a local icon here in Washington, DC among the black & white community. At his death, "Petey Greene’s Washington" was broadcast locally on Channel 20 and nationwide to 5.5 million homes in 53 cities by Black Entertainment Television. During his show, Greene offered non-scripted streetwise advice and commentary, and talked with guests about life in non-official Washington from his perch in a huge rattan chair. Similar to his signature ending, Greene began his shows with a monologue and a trademark lead-in:
    "Well, let’s cool it now. Slide on in, adjust the color of your television, hole up and get ready to groove with Petey Greene’s Washington."
    Greene also had a local radio show called "Rapping With Petey Greene" on WOL, worked as a community activist for the United Planning Organization and founded a group to help ex-offenders return to the community.
    Petey Greene was as much a trademark in the Washington, DC community as DC Mayor for life Marion Barry (yes the same one who got caught smoking crack!!).

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