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Thread: Couple new vids you guys should check out

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    Very Cool. Thanks.

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Xerophobic, Those are great videos! Next summer We'd like to come up and watch you guys run. My back won't take the pounding for a ride but I'd love to watch. Maybe Julie would take a ride though. I'll just drink cold beer and watch! Thanks again. Budlight

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    That near blow over was sick!

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    Talk about hooking a sponson that one roll over was ugly

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    Aluminium boats and balls of Steel. :crossx:

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    and they say driven a boat at 150mph is hard.
    this takes balls!!!
    how do they do this, and not suck up rocks?

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    Glad you enjoyed em guys. we need this stuff to get us thru the winters up here!
    Raven really put together a top notch summary video of the 2006 US series and was nice enough to shoot me a free copy. I'll try to find out where you can grab one if you're interested.
    We run rock grates with bars aprox 1/2" apart. that keeps out the big stuff and the rest just goes through the pump. Eventually it wears stuff out but you would really be surprised how much gravel etc you can pump without noticing performance loss. Its tough staying off ALL the gravel bars as you can see. There are quite a few good rock strikes in one of those vids if you really watch. When Dean Saxon spins out √Ądrenaline Rush" in that corner and tries to get back on step there are 2,probably both direct hits on the nozzle. Wonder why we run steel fabricated nozzles? lol That rollover wasn't that serious. ive seen much much worse stuff. How about the endo in this video?
    THAT must have been real scary
    I have a few shots of this hull after the wreck you would not belive the guys survived this.....
    Pat and Julie, next summer will be the ideal time to come up, keep an eye on our forum for details and dates of the World Championship and try to schedule around that and by all means contact me in advance. We'd love to see you and will certainly make certain you get a shop tour and as many rides as we can manage for the brave'' ones in your party haha

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    This must have hurt!


    One of those times when i bet it was really no fun being the navigator haha

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    Great vidoes. Thanks for posting them.

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