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Thread: Lets talk Valve springs and retainers

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    I am looking at different manufacturers and prices. Are titanium retainers really worth the extra $250? Lets just say that the motor only see's 6K rpm's max.
    Roller valve springs, are the ones that come on bolt on heads good(canfield,edelbrock,dart,etc)?
    Are 10* locks necessary? What would be an application where they are necessary?

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    Hey Mike.I wouldnt worry about titanium at those RPM's.And as far as springs I would go with what is recomended by the cam manufacturer that is matched to the cam.I.E. Crower,Comp,isky.I have been told to be warry of assembled heads not so much for the parts but the assembly.

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    sanger rat sells titanium retaners for under a $100

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    When it come to valvetrain parts, lighter is key.
    I would go for the retainers for sure.

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    and the 10 degree locks. Dont skimp on critical parts.

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    and the 10 degree locks. Dont skimp on critical parts.
    Yea what he said, almost forgot.
    Those babies aren't going to get pulled thru.

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    go with the springs that the cam manufacture recommends. I would also go 10 degree locks

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    Cylinder Head assemblies are cost effective and most use good quality parts but in some cases you are better off to buy the heads bare and then get the parts you need to complete the build.
    Spring material referred to as Super Clean material is what high endurance springs are made from today. Now Chrome Silicon is the base material for the super clean stuff and is what most of your OEM to medium performance valve springs are made from. Super Clean takes CS material through several more process to remove the impurities that lead to spring failure. Super Clean has the inch rate of Tool Steel but the endurance properties of CS. The negative is a set of Super Cleans is usually $150 to $300 more a set.
    Steel retainers for an engine under 6500 max rpm for the occasional pass will work fine. An engine that is going to see sustained high rpm for several minutes at a time you need to consider titanium.
    Locks. 10/ or 7 the pricing is not much different. The 10's offer lash cap recesses and the 10 degree retainer is universal for any stem diameter with the size difference made up in the thickness of the lock.
    Hope this helps.

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    Wouldn't a very steep ramp rate on a roller cam lobe dictate the need for titanium also, not just rpm?

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    I always match my cam to the manucactures spring but was curious about "bolt on" aluminum heads with springs.
    What about isky "tool room" springs and the famous "bee hive" springs???

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