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Thread: Anyone have the Nov/Dec issue of HB???

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    If you do please scan and post the pic on Page 82, it's of one of our own at the Commander Regatta...

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    You mean the guy with the receding hair line? :crossx: :crossx:

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    Maybe, but he has a hott wife...
    Ya I see it. I just don't have a scanner.

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    I have one, but am far too lazy right now

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    Its posted at RRL now....Thanks to Malibu Ken.

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    You mean the guy with the receding hair line? :crossx: :crossx:

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    Don't feel bad Zig. Mines going too. :crossx:

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    This one? :boxed:

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    Don't feel bad Zig. Mines going too. :crossx: ah, doesn't bother me anymore.. :cry: :cry: really, it doesn't :cry:
    I was gonna say your time will come too my friend
    Easier for Jan to run her fingers thru it this way anyhow Besides, everything else(more or less) is bald

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