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Thread: Berryessa Trip 2007

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    We had such a good time this year I was thinking we could plan a similar trip during the summer. Steele Park just opened up camping for all of 2007 on Oct. 24. Anyone interested?

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    go to berryessa 5-10 times a year so just pick a weekend and the sheep herders will cum. so to speak
    im only booked for june 7-16... will be at Lake Of The Ozarks

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    hell thats my back yard im there damn near every weekend..just say when!!

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    Robbie Racer
    Count me in Rick. The only time that I know that we couldn't make it would be from June 30th through July 5th. Will be at Shasta during that time.

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    Were in. Just pick a date.

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    Obsessive Compulsive
    Sounds good. Well be there.

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    HighVoltage 329
    Let's do it. What weekend?

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    May 2010
    Sure lets doit

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    We were there that weekend a few weeks ago for the day,didn't get a chance to meet too many of ya (Keith,Ken and Al were the only ones in direct proximity to us) will have to plan to stay the weekend next time,though...

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    I'm here right now.(R-Ranch) count me in.

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