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Thread: Funny ass video,,,,actually boating related

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    Feel sorry for some of the older folks cuz I KNOW it had to leave a mark
    Click here (

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    That's some good stuff there! Some of those were brutal :crossx:

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    damn that was funny... looks like some broken ribs for a few of them seniors

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    damn...that last one had a decent fall. too funny

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    centerhill condor
    don't stand up in the boat...lost a pair of glasses that way.

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    Like you said, I feel sorry for some of the older folks. Some of those injuries could very well represent the last physical activity they will ever have.
    I have had a couple of really close friends that were active way into their 80's have something simple like that happen, or worse, slip in the shower or something and have it totally ruin their lives. One week... sit-down jetskiing or paddleboating. Next week, Hare traction and bed ridden for the remainder of their lives.
    Sucks how fragile life is at any age, let alone in the 80's.
    But, once I put those thoughts out of my head for a minute, I laughed my ass off. Too bad none were showing off. That is the greatest, when people are showing off and eat shit.
    The best was the capsized sailboat because of the little girl toss. Awesome.

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    Received that in an e-mail today. Definitely some funny stuff.

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    Hope no one got hurt, but that was some funny shiat...I could probably add one or two to that, if I had taken the video. Wifey did one just this summer! Don't tell her I mentioned it, though. She was a little to slow and casual, stepping onto the boat at Katherine's. Guess I waxed it too good! :squiggle:

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