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Thread: Q's For CHP

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    Thought we had a member of CHP on here, have two questions; Does CHP ever enforce driving excessively slow, in any lane, especially the fast or Car Pool; and do you ever enforce cutting accross the double/double yellow lines of the Car Pool lanes by the little jerks using it as a passing lane? Drive from the IE to LA on accasion and see lots of the above problem...

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    I'm not CHP, or any LEO for that matter, but, I'd have to say yes to both questions.
    Both are unsafe IMO

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    I work with a lot of idiots that get written by the CHP for those very issues regularly.
    They always claim they'll beat it in court, and it ruins their week,
    Also they get written for not yielding to traffic when driving to Big Bear and more that 6 cars are behind wanting to pass.

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    As Clownpuncher says, the answers are yes, however:
    Unless one has their own personal CHP officer with them at all times, some peeps are going to get away with it and you will see it. Somehow, those movements rarely happen when an officer is around.
    There's what, about 2 to 3 officers for every 15-20 mile stretch of LA freeway, so compared to the amount of cars in that stretch - you do the math of how many could get away with such things and not be seen.
    As far as slow drivers; can be 10 mph below speed limit if necessary for safety, load, equipment, etc. With 4-5 lanes available, use them. It cracks me up to see someone tailgating and flashing highs at someone in the fast lane ahead of them. I am cracking up as I go past both of them in the middle or other lanes that are WIDE OPEN. If you let them hold you up while you flip them off and flash at them, THEY WIN. They are still keeping you from doing whatever speed you wanted to do in the first place. Use the lanes, that is what they are there for.

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